Nitrile gloves, black, size XL, powderfree, style black by Med-Comfort

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Measurement and size tables for disposable gloves, shoes, anti-slip socks and clothing

Determining the right size for disposable gloves

Why is the right size so important for disposable gloves? 

Disposable gloves that are too tight can be very uncomfortable on the hands, while disposable gloves that are too large worsen the sense of touch and thus also hinder work.

Correct determination of the size of the PPE disposable glove

PPE disposable gloves are specified in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. 

To determine the correct size of your disposable gloves, all you need is a flexible measuring tape and the illustration below. The correct size of your disposable gloves is important so that you can reliably carry out precise work with the disposable gloves over a longer period of time. First measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point with a tape measure. This is usually at about the level of the knuckles. The tape measure should rest on the skin, but not press against the hand or cut into the skin. 

Now read off the circumference of your hand and use the diagram to determine the appropriate glove size.

Correctly determine the size of the disposable medical glove

Medical disposable gloves are specified in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. 

To determine the correct size of a disposable medical glove, the width of the palm from the beginning of the index finger to the lowest point of the little finger is used. Usually, the width of the disposable glove is measured rather than the palm. 

If you are unsure or are wavering between two sizes, you can request samples in both sizes from us free of charge and without obligation. This way you can try out which size feels best on your hands and with which glove the tactile sensation is best before you decide on a box or carton in the corresponding size.

Is your disposable medical glove also a PPE glove?

Your disposable medical glove also belongs to the PPE glove category and therefore has a special regulation of dimensions. 

We have developed an individual size chart exclusively for you.

What is the European size of shoes in the US size?

Do you know how to convert US sizes to European sizes for shoes? 

Here we have created a table for you, from which you can easily read the size information for shoes.

Anti-Slip Socks Size Chart

We recommend the following anti-slip sock sizes for the following shoe sizes:

Clothing Size Chart

To determine the chest circumference, measure slightly below the armpits horizontally around the chest.

Body height is determined from the highest point of the head to the side of the foot. 

Product information "Nitrile gloves, black, size XL, powderfree, style black by Med-Comfort: buy nitrile disposable gloves as protective gloves and examination gloves in coloured nitrile."

  • Item number: 01181-XL
  • Manufacturer: AMPri
  • Premium nitrile surgeon's gloves from the brand Style by AMPri
  • The gloves are made of nitrile
  • This product is unpowdered
  • Coating: chlorinated inside
  • Nitrile gloves in size XL
  • These nitrile gloves have no excess length (length: 240mm)
  • Nitrile cleaning gloves colour: Black
  • Fit: ambidextrous
  • Dependable premium quality
  • Standard disposable product
  • Medical device class: md class i
  • Sterility: non-sterile
  • Standards fulfilled: EN 374-1, EN 374-4, EN 374-5, EN 420, EN 455-1, EN 455-2, EN 455-3 and EN 455-4
  • Nitrile cleaning gloves with chemical predection type b
  • Nitrile disposable gloves are suitable for alcoholic, acidic, dry, and watery food
  • Biological protection against viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Nitrile examination gloves for use in the government authorities, education, dentistry, industry, body-related services, hospitals, food service, and other medicine.
  • AQL 1,5

01181-XL nitrile disposable gloves, black, size XL

Our nitrile gloves in black are in particularly high demand in the catering industry for kitchen staff, as well as in tattoo studios for the tattoo artists – hygiene is the top priority. The black nitrile gloves in size XL not only protect the hands; they also maintain their appearance longer and are significantly more fashionable than plain, pale colours. Particularly for restaurants with open kitchens or in food trucks, the black nitrile single-use gloves inspire customers' confidence because they make it immediately apparent that the food preparation area is sanitary. Black disposable gloves are also often found in tattoo studios or beauty salons. Additionally, we recommend the nitrile single-use gloves for the government authorities, education, dentistry, industry, body-related services, hospitals, food service, and other medicine.

The properties of nitrile single-use gloves

Nitrile is an artificial material that has many of the useful properties of the natural product latex. This makes nitrile disposable gloves a very good all-round alternative to latex. As single-use gloves made of this material also have a high resistance to oils, greases and solvents and provide safe protection against viruses and germs, they can be used as part of the personal protective equipment in very many areas and industries, such as clinics and health care facilities, care for the elderly and the sick, and in doctors' or dentists' surgeries, but also in food production and processing, for minor cleaning tasks, in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and in hairdressing, cosmetics and tattoo studios.

Quality of the nitrile disposable gloves

These nitrile single-use gloves come in very good premium quality. It is important to us at AMPri that all our products are long-lasting, which is why even our Basic standard of quality is very high. Items of Classic quality are in a superior category, and Premium quality products are absolutely outstanding. The unpowdered, non-sterile nitrile examination gloves are ambidextrous. These gloves are fingertip textured. Fingertip textured nitrile gloves have excellent slip-proof properties and are perfect for working with slippery instruments or materials. The nitrile disposable gloves are categorised as Md class i (medical product class).

We recommend nitrile examination gloves for these applications

The nitrile single-use gloves are non-sterile; consequently, they are not intended for use in sterile applications. The nitrile gloves provide chemical protection (chemical predection type b) in line with the EN 374 standard. According to EN 374, the minimum penetration time must not be undercut for a defined period of time and for a certain number of chemicals from a list of specified test chemicals. Type A = 6 test chemicals/30 minutes, Type B = 3 test chemicals/30 minutes, Type C = 1 test chemical/10 minutes. In addition, the nitrile gloves are airtight and waterproof. Protection from microorganisms is a primary characteristic of these disposable gloves. The nitrile cleaning gloves protect the wearer against viruses, bacteria and fungi. These nitrile surgeon's gloves are basically suitable for handling food. They are especially suitable for alcoholic, acidic, dry, and watery foods. We therefore recommend nitrile examination gloves for these sectors: authority, education, dental, industry, body-related services, hospital, food industry, and other medicine. If you have any questions about the potential uses of these nitrile examination gloves or are wondering if they are the right choice for you, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form!

The advantages of nitrile

  • Nitrile is in no way inferior to the natural product latex in terms of stretchability and tear resistance. However, nitrile can score points with its "material memory" because it can conform ideally to the hands individually.
  • It offers a strong grip and is therefore also safer.
  • The chemical resistance allows for a wide range of applications. It is also the ideal alternative to latex for allergy sufferers as nitrile is protein-free.

AQL Level: AQL 1,5
Biologischer Schutz: viruses/bacteria/fungi
Certificate: EN 420, EN 455-2, EN 374-5 , EN 455-4, EN 455-1, EN 374-4 , EN 455-3, EN 374-1
Chemical Protection: chemical predection type b
Coating: chlorinated inside
Color: black
Colorvariation: black
Food suitability: fettige Lebensmittel , wässrige Lebensmittel , trockene Lebensmittel , saure Lebensmittel , alkoholische Lebensmittel
Industry suitability: Education , Hospital , Dental , Body-related services , Food industry , industry , authorities
Material: Nitrile
Material Thickness: thin (0.05 to 0.08 mm)
Medicine product class: MD Klasse I
Oversize: no overlength
Powdering: unpowdered
Quality: premium
Size: XL
Steril: non-sterile
Texturing: fingertip textured