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Latex gloves, red, bordeaux, wine red, size M, powderfree, Absogel

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Measurement and size tables for disposable gloves, shoes, anti-slip socks and clothing

Determining the right size for disposable gloves

Why is the right size so important for disposable gloves? 

Disposable gloves that are too tight can be very uncomfortable on the hands, while disposable gloves that are too large worsen the sense of touch and thus also hinder work.

Correct determination of the size of the PPE disposable glove

PPE disposable gloves are specified in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. 

To determine the correct size of your disposable gloves, all you need is a flexible measuring tape and the illustration below. The correct size of your disposable gloves is important so that you can reliably carry out precise work with the disposable gloves over a longer period of time. First measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point with a tape measure. This is usually at about the level of the knuckles. The tape measure should rest on the skin, but not press against the hand or cut into the skin. 

Now read off the circumference of your hand and use the diagram to determine the appropriate glove size.

Correctly determine the size of the disposable medical glove

Medical disposable gloves are specified in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. 

To determine the correct size of a disposable medical glove, the width of the palm from the beginning of the index finger to the lowest point of the little finger is used. Usually, the width of the disposable glove is measured rather than the palm. 

If you are unsure or are wavering between two sizes, you can request samples in both sizes from us free of charge and without obligation. This way you can try out which size feels best on your hands and with which glove the tactile sensation is best before you decide on a box or carton in the corresponding size.

Is your disposable medical glove also a PPE glove?

Your disposable medical glove also belongs to the PPE glove category and therefore has a special regulation of dimensions. 

We have developed an individual size chart exclusively for you.

What is the European size of shoes in the US size?

Do you know how to convert US sizes to European sizes for shoes? 

Here we have created a table for you, from which you can easily read the size information for shoes.

Anti-Slip Socks Size Chart

We recommend the following anti-slip sock sizes for the following shoe sizes:

Clothing Size Chart

To determine the chest circumference, measure slightly below the armpits horizontally around the chest.

Body height is determined from the highest point of the head to the side of the foot. 

Product information "Latex gloves, red, bordeaux, wine red, size M, powderfree, Absogel: buy latex disposable gloves as examination gloves & protective gloves."

  • Product no.: 01045-M
  • Manufacturer: AMPri
  • Premium latex protective gloves from the brand Absogel
  • The disposable gloves are made of latex
  • Material thickness: from 0.17 mm (strong)
  • This item is powder-free
  • Coating: hydrogel inner coating
  • Latex gloves size: M
  • Latex gloves: red
  • Shade of the latex gloves: bordeaux
  • Fit: ambidextrous
  • Texturing of the latex gloves: fully textured
  • Outstanding premium quality
  • Standard disposable gloves
  • Class I medical device
  • Sterility: non-sterile
  • PPE CAT III - personal protective equipment category
  • Standards met: EN 374-5, EN 374-4, EN 455-4, EN 455-3, EN 455-1, EN 420, EN 455-2 and EN 374-1
  • Chemical protection type B
  • Suitable for food containing alcohol, greasy food, acidic food, dry food and watery food
  • Protection against microorganisms: viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Latex disposable gloves for use in occupational safety, government authorities, education, other medicine, the food industry, hospitals, close-contact services and industry.
  • AQL 1.5
  • Latex disposable gloves: extra strong

01045-M Latex protective gloves, M, red, (bordeaux)

There are many possible uses for latex disposable gloves (red). From the doctor's office to the beauty salon, red latex disposable gloves are popular everywhere thanks to their colour, and they subtly complement the interior design. We recommend latex protective gloves in size M (red) in particular for occupational safety, government authorities, education, other medicine, the food industry, hospitals, close-contact services and industry.

The properties of latex disposable gloves

Latex is harvested from rubber trees, making it the only natural material used in producing single-use gloves. Its exceptional characteristics promise comfortable wear. Consequently, there is not yet a suitable replacement for latex, despite extensive research into substitute materials. Latex gloves are often used in clinics and health care facilities, doctors' or dentists' surgeries and nursing homes, as well as in food production and processing (to a limited extent, as cross-contamination can occur; nitrile is preferable here). Latex is a more affordable alternative to vinyl or nitrile.

Latex gloves in material thickness: "strong"

This strong product has a material thickness of at least 0.16 mm, meaning that these disposable gloves are much more tear-resistant and less likely to puncture than ultra-thin, thin or medium-strength disposable gloves or finger cots made of identical material. Consequently, they can endure even the most demanding requirements and applications.

Quality of the latex gloves

These latex protective gloves from the Absogel brand are "premium" quality. AMPri exclusively sells products of either a very high basic standard of quality, a more deluxe "classic" quality or top-notch "premium" quality. The powder-free, non-sterile, single-use glove is ambidextrous (can be worn on either hand) and is extra-long. These single-use gloves are fully textured. Fully textured latex protective gloves have excellent slip-proof properties and are an ideal choice if you need to work with slippery tools or materials. As category III personal protective equipment in accordance with the PPE Regulation ((EU) 2016/425), they keep the user safe from health risks that are irreversible or potentially fatal. Latex protective gloves are categorised as class I medical devices. This class includes medical items or products that have no effect on the body and generally pose very little risk. The latex disposable gloves are non-sterile; consequently, they are not intended for use in sterile applications. The AQL value represents the quality standard of a batch or lot (acceptable quality limit). For medical disposable gloves, this value for tightness may be a maximum of 1.5, whereby the following generally applies: the lower the AQL value, the more convincing the production. These latex gloves meet the requirements with an AQL value of 1.5.

Our suggestions for how latex gloves should be used

These latex gloves are appropriate for handling food. They are particularly intended for food containing alcohol, greasy food, acidic food, dry food and watery food. The latex gloves offer protection from microorganisms and are therefore resistant to viruses, bacteria and fungi. Chemical protection type B indicates that the latex disposable gloves provide protection from permeation as defined by the important EN 374 standard. It lays out the minimum penetration time for a specific number of chemicals from a list of particular test chemicals. Type A = 6 test chemicals/30 minutes, Type B = 3 test chemicals/30 minutes, Type C = 1 test chemical/10 minutes. The gloves are also airtight and watertight. Consequently, we recommend latex disposable gloves for the following sectors: occupational safety, government authorities, education, other medicine, the food industry, hospitals, close-contact services and industry. If you have any questions about the potential uses of these latex disposable gloves or are unsure if they are right for your needs, please feel free to contact us via the contact form!

The advantages of latex

  • Latex is a purely natural product and is extremely flexible.
  • The tactile sensitivity is very good.
  • Latex gloves and finger cots are impervious to a wide range of acids and alkalis.

Latex gloves: the downsides of latex

  • Harvest yields and raw material prices have an immediate impact on the market price of latex, which can be variable and unstable as a result.
  • If used frequently, latex is more likely to cause allergies because of the water-soluble proteins it contains. Latex disposable gloves are not recommended for people who suffer from allergies. The powder on powdered latex gloves is also a potential hazard because it can aggravate the mucous membranes of the respiratory system.
  • Latex protective gloves and finger cots are not suitable for handling oils or solvents, as these substances can immediately permeate the material.

AQL Level: AQL 1,5
Biologischer Schutz: Viruses/Bacteria/Fungi
Certificate: EN 420, EN 455-2, EN 374-5 , EN 455-4, EN 455-1, EN 374-4 , EN 455-3, EN 374-1
Chemical Protection: Chemical protection type B
Coating: Hydrogel inner coating
Color: Red
Evaluation: Extra strong
Food suitability: Oily food , Watery food , Dry food , Acidic food , Alcoholic food
Industry suitability: Education , Other medicine , Hospital , Body-related services , Occupational safety and health , Food industry , industry , authorities
Material: Latex
Material Thickness: thick (from 0.17 mm)
Medicine product class: MD Klasse I
Oversize: overlength
Powdering: unpowdered
Quality: Premium
Shade: Bordeaux
Size: M
Steril: Non-sterile
Texturing: Fully textured
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