FFP2 mask, SolidSafety

No.: P-2800
EN 149
> 5.000 available
PU 20
Content: 1 Piece


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Product information "FFP2 mask, SolidSafety: buy filtering half mask as PPE."

  • Item number: P-2800
  • Product: FFP2 face mask
  • Manufacturer: AMPri
  • Brand: SolidSafety
  • Disposable product
  • Colour: White
  • Shape: Flat
  • Special feature: latex-free, without a valve, and with a headband
  • Material: Polypropylene-fleece and paper
  • Standard: EN 149
  • Mask classification: FFP2
  • Suitability: Close-contact services, food industry, education, goverment authorities, medicine and hospitals
  • Content: 1 piece
  • PU: 1 pieces

P-2800 FFP2 face mask, white by SolidSafety

This respiratory protection in white makes it difficult for pathogens. With correct use, the transmission of pathogens can be reduced significantly or even prevented completely. This disposable product thus contributes to ensuring hygiene standards and is indispensable in the medical sector as well as in the catering industry or in other services that require physical contact. This mask classification FFP2 and thus protects against viruses, bacteria and fungal spores when used correctly. It also provides protection against smoke, aerosols and toxic dusts. However, in order for the mask to protect effectively, it is essential to make sure it fits closely to the skin. Therefore, care should be taken with beard and hair growth, as this can negatively influence the precise fit on the face. As an item of personal protective equipment under category III of the PPE Regulation, the product protects against health risks that are irreversible or lethal. The product thus complies with the European or international standard EN 149. Due to its product characteristics, the utensil is intended for the following sectors: close-contact services, food industry, education, goverment authorities, medicine and hospitals.

Other features of the FFP2 face mask

But this product has even more features to offer. The mix of polypropylene-fleece and paper ensures ideal filtering performance without sacrificing comfort. Thus, protection is maintained even during longer periods of wear. This product has the length of 200mm length and the width of 87mm.

This well thought-out protection is complete with extra features (latex-free, without a valve and with a headband), which adds up to excellent attributes. All in all, the product is significant in terms of work safety.

Certificate: EN 149
Color: white
Colorvariation: white
Form: flat
Industry suitability: Education , Hospital , Body-related services , Food industry , authorities
Material: Polypropylene nonwoven / paper
Special property: Without valve , With headband , latex free