Cut resistant glove, size 8, green, SolidSafety Cut Extreme

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Measurement and size tables for disposable gloves, shoes, anti-slip socks and clothing

Determining the right size for disposable gloves

Why is the right size so important for disposable gloves? 

Disposable gloves that are too tight can be very uncomfortable on the hands, while disposable gloves that are too large worsen the sense of touch and thus also hinder work.

Correct determination of the size of the PPE disposable glove

PPE disposable gloves are specified in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. 

To determine the correct size of your disposable gloves, all you need is a flexible measuring tape and the illustration below. The correct size of your disposable gloves is important so that you can reliably carry out precise work with the disposable gloves over a longer period of time. First measure the circumference of your hand at the widest point with a tape measure. This is usually at about the level of the knuckles. The tape measure should rest on the skin, but not press against the hand or cut into the skin. 

Now read off the circumference of your hand and use the diagram to determine the appropriate glove size.

Correctly determine the size of the disposable medical glove

Medical disposable gloves are specified in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. 

To determine the correct size of a disposable medical glove, the width of the palm from the beginning of the index finger to the lowest point of the little finger is used. Usually, the width of the disposable glove is measured rather than the palm. 

If you are unsure or are wavering between two sizes, you can request samples in both sizes from us free of charge and without obligation. This way you can try out which size feels best on your hands and with which glove the tactile sensation is best before you decide on a box or carton in the corresponding size.

Is your disposable medical glove also a PPE glove?

Your disposable medical glove also belongs to the PPE glove category and therefore has a special regulation of dimensions. 

We have developed an individual size chart exclusively for you.

What is the European size of shoes in the US size?

Do you know how to convert US sizes to European sizes for shoes? 

Here we have created a table for you, from which you can easily read the size information for shoes.

Anti-Slip Socks Size Chart

We recommend the following anti-slip sock sizes for the following shoe sizes:

Clothing Size Chart

To determine the chest circumference, measure slightly below the armpits horizontally around the chest.

Body height is determined from the highest point of the head to the side of the foot. 

Product information "Cut resistant glove, size 8, green, SolidSafety Cut Extreme: buy cut resistant work glove as PPE."

  • Item number: 081106-8
  • Manufacturer: AMPri
  • Brand: SolidSafety
  • Material: HPPE/nylon/glass/spandex yarn
  • Product category: cut protection glove
  • Colour: green
  • Size: M (gauge: 15 gg)
  • Fit: hand specific (L/R)
  • Comfortable knitted cuff for good hold
  • Quality: Premium
  • Coating: nitrile foam (palm)
  • Approved for use in the following sectors: industry, close-contact services, education, government authorities and occupational safety
  • PPE category: PPE CAT II
  • Tested in accordance with EN 388, EN 420 and ISO 21420
  • Abrasion-resistance level 4
  • Puncture-resistance level 2
  • Tear-resistance level 4
  • Unique features: mechanical protection

081106-8 SolidSafety 'Cut' cut protection glove, Premium, in size M (green)

Like a bodyguard for your hands: the 'Cut' cut protection gloves from SolidSafety are always there to protect your fingers whenever you are momentarily distracted as you use a sharp object - they can help you avoid a serious accident. Thanks to their strong material, the gloves in "Premium" quality keep your hands safe from cuts and deep wounds. HPPE/nylon/glass/spandex yarn was used for these gloves. The HPPE incorporated in the material boasts cut-resistant properties and is extremely hard-wearing. The material's cooling properties also mean that you can wear the gloves for long stretches of time - sweaty hands are a thing of the past. The green colour makes the gloves especially eye-catching. The palm of the gloves is coated with nitrile foam. Nitrile provides a reliable grip on dry, damp and greasy objects. Quickly put on and take off the 'Cut' cut protection gloves thanks to the practical knitted cuff. In abrasion-resistance tests, nitrile reusable gloves achieved level 4 - the best possible classification as defined by the applicable DIN standard (scale from 0 to 4). This means the gloves are exceptionally abrasion-resistant. To earn this classification, the test sample must manage to withstand more than 8000 revolutions of a rotating disc equipped with emery paper. In terms of tear resistance, the gloves achieved a rating of 4 (the scale ranges from 0 to 4). For a rating of 1, the gloves have to resist a tensile force of 10 Newtons or more during the testing procedure. In puncture-resistance testing as defined by DIN EN 388, these gloves were awarded a rating of 2. Consequently, they provide dependable protection against sharp-edged or pointed objects.

Don't leave safety up to chance - high-quality nitrile gloves

The gloves are rated as category II personal protective equipment (PPE), which means they keep the user safe from moderate risks. Consequently, the gloves comply with the European and international standards EN 388, EN 420 and ISO 21420. It is very clear that these 'Cut' cut protection gloves offer excellent protection. In addition to the features already mentioned, they also offer the following feature: mechanical protection. These characteristics make them suitable for the following sectors in particular: industry, close-contact services, education, government authorities and occupational safety.

Fit & size

The gloves in size M have a hand-specific fit. This means that there is a left and a right glove.

Certificate: EN 420, EN ISO 21420, EN 388
Coating: Nitrile foam
Color: green
Colorvariation: green
Industry suitability: Education , Body-related services , Occupational safety and health , industry , authorities
Material: HPPE/Nylon/Glass/Elastane Yarn
PSA Category: PSA CAT II
Quality: premium
Size: M