PE Disposable overshoes, 15 x 42 cm, blue, polyethylene, Eco-Plus

No.: 07019
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PU 20
Content: 100 Piece


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Product information "PE Disposable overshoes, 15 x 42 cm, blue, polyethylene, Eco-Plus: buy disposable overshoes with bordered latex rubber as hygienic protective overshoes."

  • Item number: 07019
  • Product category: overshoe
  • Manufacturer: AMPri
  • Brand: Eco-Plus
  • Intended use: disposable product
  • Colour: blue
  • Unique feature: hammered
  • Material: polyethylene
  • Sector: close-contact services, the food industry, education, government authorities, other medicine and hospitals

07019 Overshoe, blue, from Eco-Plus

The overshoe in blue from Eco-Plus is a hygienic disposable product. The use of polyethylene makes the overshoe hard-wearing and dirt-proof. To make it more practical to use, the protective equipment is hammered. The total length measures in at 410mm.

Artikel Höhe (mm): 150
Color: blue
Colorvariation: blue
Food suitability: fettige Lebensmittel , wässrige Lebensmittel , trockene Lebensmittel , saure Lebensmittel , alkoholische Lebensmittel
Industry suitability: Education , Other medicine , Hospital , Food industry , authorities
Special property: mit Gummizug , hammered