OP mask, blue, type IIR, Med-Comfort

No.: 02201-B
EN 14683
> 5.000 Boxes available
PU 10
Content: 50 Piece


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Product information "OP mask, blue, type IIR, Med-Comfort: buy mouth nose protection as disposable masks."

  • Item number: 02201-B
  • Product: 3-ply face masks
  • Manufacturer: AMPri
  • Brand: Med-Comfort
  • Disposable product
  • Layers: Three-ply
  • Colour: Blue
  • Fastener: Ear loop
  • Adult size
  • Special feature: latex-free and fibreglass-free
  • Medical device class: MD class I
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Standard: EN 14683
  • Mask classification: OP masks
  • Suitability: Close-contact services, food industry, education, goverment authorities, medicine and hospitals
  • Face mask type: Type IIR
  • Content: 50 pieces
  • PU: 1 box

02201-B 3-ply face mask, blue by Med-Comfort

One of the best disposable products to prevent the spread of pathogens: With this OP mask in blue, optimal protection is provided. Especially in sensitive fields such as services that require physical contact like catering or health care, it is no longer possible to imagine life without mouth and nose protection. This mask is a special surgical mask intended for use in the surgical environment. This means that the product fulfils the requirements to comply with the European standard EN 14683. Thus, the utensil is intended for the following industries: close-contact services, food industry, education, goverment authorities, medicine and hospitals.

Other features of the 3-ply face mask

But the product also has also further properties to offer. The material used here (polypropylene), is very light and flexible. It is considered as a standard material for basic protective clothing, as it is enduring and mechanically resistant, and can also be processed well. This product has the length of 175mm length and the width of 95mm. The ear loops ensure an ideal hold.

Furthermore, the product is latex-free and fibreglass-free. All in all, it is a very well thought-out and efficient product.

Certificate: EN 14683
Color: blue
Colorvariation: blue
Industry suitability: Education , Hospital , Dental , Body-related services , Food industry , industry , authorities
Layers: three-ply
Locking Possibility: ear loops
Material: Polypropylene
Medicine product class: MD Klasse I
Mouthguard Type: type iir
Special property: fiberglass-free , latex free