Full protection goggles, colour transparent, black, Airmaster

No.: 8101
EN 166
< 5.000 available
PU 10
Content: 1 Piece


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Product information "Full protection goggles, colour transparent, black, Airmaster: buy work goggles with full protection with adjustable rubber strap for working with aggressive liquids in industry, chemistry, laboratory, handicraft as PPE."

  • Item number: 8101
  • Product: Safety goggles
  • Reusable product
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Special feature: with an adjustable elastic band
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Standard: EN 166
  • Suitability: In der Industrie, food industry, education, goverment authorities, medicine and hospitals
  • Content: 1 piece
  • PU: 1 pieces

8101 Safety goggles in transparent

It is better to take precautions now than to be left with nothing later: By wearing the safety goggles in transparent, you are acting sensibly and protecting yourself. Practical helpers like this reusable product are crucial, especially in medicine, the care industry or the food sector. With a classification in category II for personal protective equipment (PPE for short), this product protects against all hazards that fall neither in category I (minor risk) nor in category III (risks that can lead to irreversible damage to health or death). Thus, protection against moderate hazards is offered here. Overall, the product meets the European standard EN 166. Thus, the utensil is intended for the following industries: in der Industrie, food industry, education, goverment authorities, medicine and hospitals.

Other features of the safety goggles

But this product has even more features to offer. Since the material used here is polycarbonate, the equipment is characterised by important properties such as low weight, durability, good skin tolerance and heat resistance.

All in all, this is a well thought-out product that is also equipped with an adjustable elastic band. A great choice!

Certificate: EN 166
Color: transparent
Colorvariation: transparent
Industry suitability: Education , Other medicine , Hospital , Food industry , authorities
Material: Polycarbonate
PSA Category: PSA CAT II
Special property: Rundum-Belüftung , Brillenträger geeignet , adjustable elastic band