Packaging design and private label* - our individual offer for our trade partners

At AMPri, we want to make things as easy as possible for you and your customers. Well thought-out packaging design with functional opening options that also make sense for use in dispensers. Each product is considered on its own merits and each design is unique. Simple for clinical use, robust for industrial use and colourful designs for use in environments that use colour concepts or where a glove box serves as an eye-catcher and accessory in the salon, studio or practice. Environmental considerations also play a major role in the design.

For this reason, we have switched to 200-unit glove boxes in some areas in order to avoid packaging waste. Especially in areas where a frequent change of gloves is necessary, a glove does not have to be of such strong material as it would be if it were used for several hours. In this way, we have adapted our range of products exactly to your needs, thereby protecting the environment and conserving resources such as water, wood and energy. But not only that! You want your own design for your brand? Implemented on the glove box? That is also possible. You brief us, we design. Or you supply us with your already finished artwork and we adapt it exactly to the respective packaging punch. Individuality can be this simple. Your private label - your demand. You know what your target group wants and we support you in design and implementation. You choose the colour and grammage of the glove of your choice and we take care of the rest.

Your advantages:

  • Your desired design for your own brand: you brief, we design
  • Your finished artwork for your private label: You send us your artwork, we adapt it for your dream box.
  • You decide: box of 100 or 200 gloves, if the grammage of the glove allows it.
  • You choose the available glove colour and grammage for your brand
  • We offer you products of the highest quality according to legal requirements, standards and regulations and the best customer service
  • We train you on your product
  • We test the quality in our own laboratory

Contact address for your enquiry: or by phone 04171 8480 0.

*Minimum order quantities are specified for private labels. Your responsible specialist advisor will be happy to advise you on the process, costs and minimum purchases.