Social responsibility in AMPri

We, at AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH, are aware of the social commitment, environmental awareness, and the importance of compliance as pillars of our society. In this article, we present some of our heartfelt projects that we support with love and passion.


We support the association "Mission Erde e. V." We do this for good reason. Besides our health, which is strongly dependent on our environment, our habitats, it is important to protect all living beings and nature. If we lose sight of this, even the best hygiene protection won't help us. Because we coexist. One goes hand in hand with the other. Without a protected and healthy environment, we have no habitat anymore. Preserving biodiversity, actively protecting habitats, inspiring people for the beauty of nature - these are all missions that "Mission Erde e. V." is committed to. The idea for the association came from Robert Marc Lehmann. Robert Marc Lehmann is a trained marine biologist, research diver, and a multiple award-winning photographer and cameraman. The scientist and adventurer has already traveled to 120 countries and supports animal and environmental protection projects worldwide. Robert brings back photos and film footage from his adventures around the world, showing us not only the beauty of nature but also the effects of human actions and their impact on animals and their habitats - always with the intention of changing people's awareness and bringing about solutions. With the support of the association, Robert uses his skills and expertise to implement globally recognized animal and environmental protection laws. From undercover operations against illegal animal traders to school projects to supporting the marine in controlling fishing licenses off the coast of Africa. For him, the welfare of animals is always the focus of all his projects, and he goes to his limits - physically and mentally. Our common goal is to make our world a little better, greener, and to sensitize as many people as possible not to shirk their responsibility and to contribute their share to fulfill this truly great task.


Code of Conduct

Compliance with laws, trustworthiness, and social commitment.

AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH - who we are. AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH (a family-owned company, founded in 1994) understands the importance of social commitment, environmental awareness, and fair cooperation as pillars of our society. Bringing economic, ecological, and social responsibilities into harmony sustainably is the goal of AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH. We consider ourselves as equal partners in our business relationships. Our collaboration with our business partners is characterized by partnership and mutual respect.
AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1994. Initially, our business focused solely on the glove product group. However, due to our proximity to the market and our understanding of customer requirements, expanding our product range became a continuous part of our tasks. Today, the name AMPri is a well-established term when it comes to disposable products for occupational safety, hygiene, and healthcare. For over 25 years, we have been providing wholesalers in Europe with a comprehensive range of over 500 different disposable products tailored to the requirements of each country. Our products are used in occupational safety for personal protective equipment, in the food industry, as well as in the fields of medicine, hygiene, and healthcare. Our product range includes everything from gloves for every application, to head-to-toe protection, to disinfectants, meeting the daily needs of modern hygiene businesses. We place great emphasis on high-quality standards across all price ranges. The AMPri private labels reflect our expertise in every product and price category. Our aim is to offer a product in our private label for every requirement at the best price-performance ratio. Currently, AMPri employs around 100 staff worldwide and is headquartered in the East Industrial Area in Winsen/Luhe, south of Hamburg.

1. Transparency, Trust, and Collaboration
Transparency is crucial for trust and successful collaboration. Responsible collaboration requires actions and decisions that are transparent and understandable. Only then will they meet the necessary acceptance. Transparency also means dealing openly and honestly with problems and mistakes in collaboration.

2. Compliance with Laws
Ethical behavior and integrity form the basis of our international business activities. We always adhere to all applicable local, national, and international laws, regulations, and standards, as well as internally set guidelines. We do not engage in any illegal market agreements, market manipulation of any kind, or other unfair business practices. We believe that active and lively competition based on innovation, quality, performance, and pricing is the foundation of our success. Management is responsible for ensuring compliance with regulations in their area of responsibility. All employees are responsible for their own actions and must, if in doubt, coordinate with their supervisor or an extra qualified unit such as quality management to avoid potential damage and liabilities.

3. Prohibition of Child Labor
We say no to child labor and adhere to regulations to protect minors. National regulations as well as international standards for the protection of minors must be complied with. We explicitly support the fundamental principles of ILO core labor standards 138 and 182 and advocate for them to all stakeholders.

4. Occupational Safety
AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH particularly respects internationally recognized human rights and rigorously rejects inhumane practices such as forced labor or child labor. We do not work with companies and institutions that engage in or allow such practices. We assume that our business partners comply with applicable social standards. A corporate culture of mutual respect is a prerequisite for business success. Managers work trustfully with their employees. We commit to ensuring that compensation, social benefits, working hours, and holidays comply with legal requirements regarding minimum wages, overtime, and prescribed social benefits.

5. Prohibition of Discrimination
Any discrimination in employment and occupation is prohibited. In particular, any distinction, exclusion, or preference based on age, skin color, gender, religion, caste, political opinion, membership in a worker organization, physical or mental disability, ethnic, national and social origin, nationality, sexual orientation, or other personal characteristics is prohibited. Every employee is expected to respect human rights in their area of responsibility. AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH is also responsible for such employees who are employed through agencies or other intermediaries.

6. Environmental Protection
We take responsibility for dealing with people and the environment. In the production and sale of our products (goods and services), we protect resources (material and immaterial) as far as possible, especially when they are non-renewable. Examples include reducing water consumption, wastewater treatment plants, optimizing packaging, reducing the consumption of plastic and paper, energy processing, and using energy-saving systems. Each employee has a duty to responsibly manage natural resources.

7. Intercultural Competence
AMPri Handelsgesellschaft respects and values the cultural circumstances in the production countries of the suppliers as well as the countries of origin of our customers.

8. Social Responsibility
We strive to be a good neighbor who acts not only in the interest of the company but also in the interest of society. We are in open and transparent dialogue with the city of Winsen/Luhe, where we are based and active, and other representatives of civil society who have a legitimate interest in our activities. We respect the fundamental rights of every individual and trust that our employees play an important role in protecting these rights and social standards. In all our national and international activities, we aim for sustainability and assume our social and environmental responsibility.

9. Monitoring of the Code of Conduct
The Code of Conduct of AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH is reviewed and documented through regular audits.

The AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH aims for long-term and collaborative business relationships that adhere to our high ethical, moral, and social values. The foundation for the integrity of these business relationships lies in our Code of Conduct.