Company profile & philosophy


How it all began...

AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1994. Initially, our business focused solely on the gloves product group. However, due to our proximity to the market and understanding of customer requirements, expanding our product range became an exciting challenge for us. We think and act socially and sustainably. It is very important to us that our products are manufactured under good working conditions and with environmentally friendly technologies and materials. We maintain close contact with our production facilities, which are regularly visited and evaluated by our knowledgeable employees and ourselves personally. We know what we're talking about and we're happy to share this knowledge with you. Only those who are well informed are able to protect themselves and others. Through our participation in standardization committees and in the Federal Association for Hand Protection (BVH), we stay up to date on legal requirements and the implementation of laws and regulations. As a user and/or customer, you can be sure that the products in use or being brought to market by you are always up to date and of high quality.


We have been reliably producing the best quality and acting in a socially responsible and sustainable manner since 1994!

15.000 m²


Today, the name AMPri is a well-established term when it comes to disposable products for the areas of occupational safety, hygiene, and care. For over 25 years, we have been providing wholesalers in Europe with an almost complete and country-specific range of over 500 different disposable products tailored to the respective country's requirements. The products are used in occupational safety for personal protective equipment, in the food industry, as well as in the fields of medicine, hygiene, and care. Our product range offers everything a modern company needs for daily hygiene, from gloves for every application area to protection from head to toe, to disinfectants. In all price ranges, we place great importance on quality. The AMPri private labels reflect the know-how in every product and price group. Our goal is to offer a product in the best price-performance ratio for every need under our own brand. AMPri currently employs around 100 people worldwide and is headquartered in the industrial area of Ost in Winsen/Luhe, south of Hamburg.



AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH was founded in 1994. Initially, our business focused on the product group of high-quality medical disposable gloves. The strong and enduring business relationships with our partners, along with our knowledge of market requirements, enabled us to expand our product range to over 700 items in the fields of occupational safety, food industry, hygiene, care, and medicine.



Through ongoing checks of the merchandise in our in-house testing facility, we ensure the continuous compliance with product standards and certifications as well as the best possible quality for our trading partners and end customers. Through our in-house competence center, we offer training sessions for further education to our partners, conducted by our specialized staff.



AMPri sources its products from long-standing production partners from around the world. Our 15,000 m2 warehouse located just outside Hamburg, along with our own highly professional logistics department, coordinates worldwide deliveries reliably, punctually, and precisely – from the production facilities to our customers in over 50 countries across the globe.



We conduct socially responsible and sustainable business practices. It is important to us that the production of our products takes place under fair working conditions and with environmentally friendly technologies. Our knowledgeable employees regularly visit and supervise the production facilities on-site, ensuring a high production standard.