In our industry, certificates are an important sign of trust in the structure of our work. AMPri attaches great importance to quality seals and their significance. Below you will find some of the memberships and certificates in which we are active.

ISO certification

Trading in medical devices and protective equipment
QS Zurich AG - accredited certification body - certifies that our company's management system has been assessed and meets the requirements set out in the following standard:

The management system includes trading in medical devices and protective equipment as well as consulting.


AMPri signs the Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter is an initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions under the patronage of Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz.
By signing the Diversity Charter, AMPri sends a clear message of support for diversity and tolerance in the workplace, and signals appreciation for all employees regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and beliefs, sexual orientation, and social background.
"Our society is more diverse and differentiated than ever: therefore, it is crucial to advocate for respectful and appreciative coexistence in the workplace. "By signing the Diversity Charter, AMPri commits to recognizing and respecting the diversity of society and its needs within and outside the company," says Corina Christen, managing director of the Charter. "Those who sign the Charter make it clear that the diverse needs of employees must be considered and firmly established within the organization's internal structures. Because diversity is not only an attitude worth fighting for every day, but also one that must be followed by concrete actions," adds Franzi von Kempis, managing director of the Charter.Diversity management is a cross-cutting issue.
The idea behind it: 
An organizational culture where diversity is lived naturally leads to all employees bringing their potential to the fullest. It also promotes the diversity of ideas or products that the organization represents.More and more companies and institutions are seeing these benefits: around corporations, businesses, public institutions, associations, foundations, and federations have already signed the Diversity Charter.

Green Production Label - sustainable action with the AMPri label

Not only since today, sustainable and environmentally friendly production and manufacturing processes have been at the top of our priority list. In order to be able to label particularly sustainably developed and produced items from our range accordingly, we have designed the "Green Production" Environmental Seal.
With this seal, only products from production facilities that participate in our environmental assessment system and undergo our monitored and evaluated Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) are awarded.

What evaluation criteria must a production facility meet in order to be eligible for the Green Production Environmental Seal?

Our focus is not on one-time savings of x%, but on continuous measures that a production facility takes to have a positive impact on the environmental balance. This can include topics such as water consumption, energy consumption, or packaging materials, among others, which are considered individually. The key is always a positive impact on the environmental balance and a special focus on ongoing engagement with environmental issues. 

To be able to assess this accurately, we require production facilities to send us a semi-annual Environmental Improvement Report, which we evaluate and verify the information in the next on-site audit (at least annually). Production facilities must achieve a Environmental Score defined by AMPri to qualify for the Green Production Environmental Seal.

The Environmental Score is composed of the weighting of different environmental topics, the so-called Annual Factor, and the Fulfillment Rate

Highly weighted topics include, for example, water and energy consumption. Other topics may include material efficiency, packaging, or certification to ISO 14001 (certified environmental management system). 

The Annual Factor initially corresponds to the weighting, losing one point each year until the measure is removed from the evaluation. This means that the production facility is always encouraged to take new measures to maintain the product under the "Green Production" Environmental Seal. Each measure remains in the evaluation for a maximum of 3 years. 

Fulfillment Rate: 3 = fulfilled to 0 = not fulfilled, not relevant

With a clear focus on a permanently monitored Continuous Improvement Process (CIP), we can represent one-time improvements of x% as rather negative. We continuously monitor the processes and expect continuous improvements. The environmental issue is always in focus for us. We have been working together with production facilities for years towards this common goal. AMPri stands for Consistency, Reliability, Quality, and Responsibility.


Acting in partnership with CM Environment

CM Umwelt aims to develop circular economy in Germany in partnership with municipal waste disposal companies, cities, industry, and startups in the sector through the right ideas and measures.

Our collective responsibility is to save energy and resources to protect the climate. Recyclable packaging, as natural organic waste, becomes fertilizer and soil. Following the natural cycle principle, they contribute to new life.

AMPri has had packaging tested for you as a trading partner on existing sorting and recycling structures, sortability, separability, and incompatibilities regarding recyclability. The packaging tested for recyclability could be classified as 100% recyclable according to the minimum standard of the Central Packaging Register Foundation.

As a retailer, you have the opportunity to view and provide certificates for selected PE disposable aprons, (PE) disposable gloves, cotton swabs, wooden spatulas, PE air cushion pads for shipping, and disposable mouth protection to your customers.

Certificate AMPri PPK Box for PE Aprons 

AMPri operates sustainably: Member of B.A.U.M. e.V. since 2023

The Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management e.V., known as B.A.U.M. e.V., is a leading nonprofit environmental initiative in Germany. Since its founding in 1984, B.A.U.M. e.V. has been dedicated to promoting environmental protection and sustainability in the economy and society.

Since July 2023, AMPri Handelsgesellschaft mbH has been a committed member of the sponsorship circle of B.A.U.M. e.V. This partnership underscores our commitment to sustainable business practices and environmental protection. We are determined to expand our activities within this collaboration and to work together with B.A.U.M. e.V. towards positive changes in the direction of an environmentally friendly and socially responsible business world. By joining the sponsorship circle of B.A.U.M. e.V., we are sending a strong signal that we are actively committed to working towards a more sustainable future and continuously advocating for environmentally friendly practices and social responsibility. We look forward to a successful collaboration and the opportunity to find solutions together for the challenges of our time.

Our certificate of membership in B.A.U.M e.V


Transparency and performance improvement in the area of sustainability.

EcoVadis globally assesses companies and awards highly reliable sustainability ratings. Currently, over 100,000 companies in more than 175 countries are collaborating with EcoVadis to obtain independent certification. A common platform, a universal scorecard, benchmarks, and various tools aim to enhance transparency and performance in sustainability.
 AMPri has received a gold rating in the Sustainability Rating 2024. EcoVadis evaluated key areas such as the environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and sustainable procurement. As a retailer, you have access to certificates, documents, and ratings of your wholesaler within the EcoVadis network, which you can transparently compare and use for your own evaluation.
 We are also happy to provide AMPri data upon request. If you have any questions regarding the certification, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Qualified for optimum hand and skin protection

In the Federal Association for Hand Protection, qualified manufacturers of protective gloves and skincare products have organized themselves to provide comprehensive information on hand and skin protection across manufacturers to decision-makers and users through factual education and competent advice. 

With current topics, we offer you the basis for selecting appropriate protective measures and maintaining hand health in the workplace. The Federal Association for Hand Protection communicates all information on hand and skin protection in a qualified and non-manufacturer-specific manner. Through association work, the BVH aims to support decision-makers and users in the selection and application of suitable protective products. The goal is to reduce the still high numbers of hand injuries and skin diseases through factual education and competent advice on protective measures.

More information about BVH


AMPri - Member of the German Association of Independent Testing Laboratories e.V.

AMPri is an official member of VUP and thereby guarantees its compliance with the required quality criteria as specified in the statutes.  
The guiding principle of VUP is aimed at promoting quality, competence, economic success, and strengthening recognition of companies and entrepreneurs in the service laboratory industry along with their employees.