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We are AMPri, manufacturer & wholesaler of medical disposable products. We live and love our job. Located in Winsen (Luhe), a city in the metropolitan region of Hamburg.

Company Profile & Philosophy

The AMPri Trading Company GmbH, founded in 1994, is your expert for high-quality disposable gloves and more items in the field of medical disposable products. Our product range has steadily expanded due to the proximity to the market and the in-depth understanding of our employees. Acting socially and sustainably is a special concern for us: Our products are created under the best working conditions, using environmentally friendly technologies and advanced materials. We maintain close contact with our production facilities, with regular visits ensuring transparency and quality. As an active member in standardization committees of DIN and the Federal Association for Hand Protection (BVH), we always stay updated on legal requirements. Trust that our products are up-to-date and meet the highest quality standards – your safety is our goal.

Responsible Business

"Responsible Business" refers to the business practice where companies integrate ethical, social, and environmentally friendly principles into their activities. Responsible businesses advocate for sustainable business models that minimize environmental impact, promote social justice, and maintain and adhere to ethical standards in the supply chain. Companies that act responsibly not only strive for economic success but also contribute to the common good and consider the impact of their decisions on society and the environment. Read more about our efforts for a fairer world here.

Social responsibility

AMPri Trading Company GmbH considers social engagement and environmental protection as core values. By supporting projects like "Mission Erde e. V.", we advocate for environmental protection and biodiversity. Our vision is to be a leading provider of disposable and reusable items for various industries while acting economically, socially responsibly, and environmentally consciously. Our corporate culture is based on transparency, trust, collaboration, and compliance with laws, as well as the rejection of child labor and discrimination. Our responsibility for environmental protection and social issues is firmly anchored in our code of conduct and is regularly reviewed.


Certificates are important documents issued to confirm the quality, conformity, or other specific characteristics of products. These certificates serve as evidence that the manufactured goods meet certain standards, regulations, or quality requirements. Certification can cover various areas, including environmental compatibility, product safety, manufacturing processes, and more. Consumers and businesses rely on certificates to ensure that products meet established standards and desired quality levels. These certificates help strengthen customer confidence and improve transparency in the supply chain. Read more about AMPri's certificates here.